Welcome to Joshua Institute

Courage in the Learning Journey

From dyslexia to dysgraphiaauditory processing issues, and more, Joshua Institute has been providing life-changing intervention to students and adults since 2008.

Specializing in helping students with learning disabilities of all types, we provide services in all content areas including reading, writing and math with the goal of finding the root cause of the learning difficulty.

Testing services are available on campus in order for us create a personalized plan for improvement using research-based interventions.

We also have an Academy for grades 2-12 with a specialized approach for helping students to reach their fullest potential. The Joshua Institute is a non-profit organization.

The story of the Joshua Institute brings hope to many who have learning challenges.

Our non-traditional approach to education could be just what your student needs.

Our programs at Joshua Institute are proudly designed using techniques developed by the National Institute for Learning Development.