About Us


The Joshua Institute is for talented students who benefit from a non-traditional approach to learning in order to help them reach their full potential. Sometimes students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and auditory processing limitations have certain barriers that hinder the growth process in academic learning. Our dedicated staff is committed to breaking down those barriers so that students can grow and improve in confidence as well as competence. 

Joshua Institute, formerly known as the Idaho Learning Center, began as a small homeschool co-op in Nampa, Idaho with students who had been diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD. Although the learning struggles of their students were a mystery to them, which is very common, these parents were dedicated to providing high quality education for their children. It was obvious, however, that a different, more thorough approach to learning was needed to help these smart and capable students.

Six of these students began working with an educational therapist who was trained to use tools from the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) which were proven to help remediate learning disabilities. These students received two 80-minute sessions of intervention each week, and the results were outstanding. Soon, these families began to see the differences this specialized approach to education can create within students, such as increase in academic performance, developed capabilities, and a significant boost in confidence.

Not long after, Joshua Institute’s Board of Directors could see the vast need for a larger, more established family-friendly program that made a difference in the lives of struggling students through their daily education. What if the tools gained through educational therapy could also be used throughout the school day for greater impact on student learning? As a result, the Academy was launched as one of Joshua Institute’s portfolio of services. Eventually, Joshua Institute outgrew its location in Nampa, and the Board of Directors decided to relocate to Meridian, Idaho in order to provide more accessibility to families in the Treasure Valley.

Today, Joshua Institute offers four different school options for families who have students who need a non-traditional approach in the classroom. A personalized plan is developed for each student based on test results, the student’s needs, and collaboration with educational professionals and parents. This plan incorporates strategic and effective tools in order to ensure lasting results. Whether students thrive in a non-traditional approach to education, or simply want life-changing intervention while attending their current school, Joshua Institute is committed to helping students with learning disabilities become successful in the learning journey.