About Us

The Joshua Institute is for talented students who benefit from a non-traditional approach to learning to help them reach their full potential. Students with learning disabilities often have certain barriers that hinder academics. Our dedicated staff is committed to breaking down those barriers so that your student can grow and improve in confidence as well as competence. 

In partnership with families, we help students in 2nd through 12th grade who have learning, attention, and language difficulties by shepherding them through a Christ-centered education and one-on-one coaching. Before students can lean into their potential, they must first believe they have it. We take a whole person approach by looking beyond outward behaviors to get to the root of what may be causing our student’s learning difficulties. We challenge our students to achieve their fullest potential spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and relationally, equipping them with the foundation of God’s unchanging truth so that they can serve Christ in a rapidly changing world.

We offer two ways for students to benefit from educational therapy. Our Academy is for students who would thrive in a non-traditional learning environment versus a traditional school setting. Educational Coaching is for students who attend school, but need additional academic remediation and support outside of the classroom.

We can help you decide which path is right for your student. Each approach includes a Personalized Plan for your student that is developed based on test results, the student’s needs, and collaboration between you and educational professionals. This plan incorporates strategic and effective tools in order to ensure lasting results. Whether students thrive in a non-traditional approach to education, or simply want life-changing intervention while attending their current school, we are committed to helping students with learning disabilities become successful in the learning journey.