Educational THERAPY

How to Apply for Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy usually consists of two 60 or 80 minute sessions per week. Contracts are based on the number of weeks of service invoiced per month (total cost of the contract divided by the number of months to be invoiced, with the same amount invoiced each month).

Two 60 minute sessions:  $134 per week     Two 80 minutes sessions:  $179 per week

TEACH Therapy for students younger than 8 years of age is two 40 minutes sessions per week at a lower cost.


To apply for Educational Therapy:  Submit the following items and upon our receipt you will be contacted in 3-4 business days.

    1.   Completed Testing/Educational Services Application(Application is needed even if your student has had recent comprehensive testing.)
    2.  Any current medical/educational diagnostic testing (i.e., cognitive, academic achievement, and/or neuropsych test results).
    3.  Any IEP Eligibility Report your student might have. (The IEP Eligibility Report generally includes the formal testing that Joshua Institute needs in order to properly and professionally assess your student’s thinking (cognitive) abilities in alignment with their academic achievement ion the areas of reading, writing, and math.)

TESTING FEES (If testing is needed through Joshua Institute, fees are due on the day of testing via cash or check):

          • Both Cognitive and Academic Achievement Testing through Joshua Institute:  $875
          • Academic Achievement portion:  $375
          • Cognitive testing only:  $500
          • SEARCH testing for students under 7 years:  $100

*Usually within 3-5 weeks after all testing is completed or results are received, the Director of Testing and Ed Services will contact you to review the prepared Comprehensive Report of the test results and discuss Educational Therapy options.

*It is important that you familiarize yourself with the information on our website as well as the National Institute for Learning Development website, as JI’s Educational Therapists are certified through NILD.